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Baselines and Targets

In order to effectively capture results during the full strategy period, baselines must be collected and targets must be established and included in a PMP as soon after CDCS approval as possible. This includes collecting baseline data and setting targets by sex or other applicable categories.

Baselines and targets for a Mission's CDCS Results Framework are a required component of a PMP. As ADS 201 states, supplemental information about each IR and Sub-IR performance indicator should be included:

  • Baseline data, or plans to collect baseline data; and
  • End-of-CDCS or end-of-project targets, or plans to set targets

In order to have baseline data in place as well as endline performance targets for indicators associated with a PMP within six months, supporting activities may need to start well in advance of that deadline. This is particularly true for programs and projects for which USAID will undertake an impact evaluation, as baseline data is needed for the comparison group as well as for those who will receive project assistance. A timeline for putting in place a parallel contract to undertake an impact evaluation, including gathering baseline data is provided on the Impact Evaluation Start Up Plan page on this website.

In this section of the website, guidance material and tools that may help you establish baselines and targets are provided, including three pages that cover: