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CDCS Assumptions: Risk Analysis and Mitigation Plan Template (Optional)

Start this table by importing assumptions for a single DO from completed versions of the CDCS Critical Assumptions Template provided earlier in this section. Use either the CIDA rating system for Identifying Risky Assumptions explained earlier in this section or simple High/Medium/Low ratings to complete Columns 3 and 4 of this table. For assumptions that are not likely to be valid and have serious impact implications, identify what actions will be taken. Blocks can be added at the bottom of the template for additional IRs. If you need to describe assumptions that affect Sub-IRs, modify the entry in Column 1 (in grey) for the block where you want to present them to read Sub-IR instead of IR.

Right-click on the button above and "Save Link As" to save this template to your computer for use. You may receive an error message if you attempt to view the PDF directly in your browser.