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CDCS - Country Development Cooperation Strategy

A CDCS is a five-year strategy at the country level that reflects USAID collaboration with other agencies to formulate country development cooperation strategies that are results-oriented and foster partnering with host countries to focus investment in key areas that shape countries' overall stability and prosperity.

This section of the kit is designed to help you develop the MEL and learning related aspects of a CDCS. The section is divided into seven segments, as listed in the menu below. Several key subtopics and tools found in this section are also highlighted in this menu. You can go through this section sequentially, by using the forward arrow at the bottom of each page, or you can jump directly to topics that interest you. The Program Cycle menu at the top of this page and the Sitemap provide an even more detailed views of the coverage of this section, should you wish to consult them.

CDCS Elements That Involve Monitoring, Evaluation or Learning

Policy input for a CDCS that includes a trade focus comes from USAID's Policy Framework 2011-2015; its 2008 economic growth strategy, Securing the Future; and its 2016 Policy for Trade Capacity Building.

Image: USAID Policy FrameworkImage: Securing the FutureImage: Building Trade Capacity in the Developing World