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Evaluation Pathway 1: Planning for Evaluation During Design

Integrating evaluation planning directly into program and project design is expected to help USAID ensure that high quality evidence about what works and what does not work is more readily available in the future than it has been in the recent past.

Early attention to evaluation needs and requirements will also help ensure that when evaluations are undertaken, the resources needed to support them are in place. Integrating evaluation planning into program and project designs is also critical where rigorous impact evaluations are being considered. Adequate time is needed prior to the start of an intervention to establish a comparison group and obtain baseline data. This itinerary will acquaint you with USAID evaluation planning during design expectations and useful tools for that task.

Pathway Steps of Interest Evaluation Pathway # 1: 
Planning for Evaluation During Design
Resources on this Pathway
Program Perspective Project Perspective
1   Anticipating Evaluation Needs Example of program level evaluation questions
2   CDCS Evaluation Questions Template Template for responding to CDCS evaluation questions requirement in ADS
3   Opportunities for Impact Evaluation Overview of Impact Evaluation in relation to ADS (for more on Impact Evaluation follow Evaluation Pathway #4)
4   Impact Evaluation Opportunities Template Template for responding to CDCS requirement for identifying impact evaluation opportunities
5   Summarizing a PMP Evaluation Plan Example of a table for summarizing key aspects of a PMP evaluation plan
6   PMP Evaluation Plan Summary Template Template for presenting information about anticipated evaluations in a PMP following ADS
  1 Project Evaluation Overview Example of possible evaluation questions at various levels of a sample project Logical Framework
  2 Project Evaluation Questions Template Template project level template version in support of a PAD; may include CDCS level evaluation questions
  3 Project Evaluation Plan Summary Template Template project level version for use in developing a Project M&E Plan