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Evaluation Pathway 2: Managing the Evaluation Process

Evaluations, like other projects, benefit from good management. USAID’s evaluation process includes several steps for which good practice examples and quality control checkpoints exist. This kit page focuses on step USAID evaluation managers can take to ensure that the products produced are of high quality, timely and useful.

Evaluations benefit from the application of standard project management approaches and tools. A clear statement of the evaluation’s purpose and deliverables, together with a schedule and budget that can be monitored give definition to the task. This pathway provides additional tools and examples, including checklists for assessing both Statements of Work and evaluation reports, along with examples of good practice for both of these evaluation products.

Pathway Steps of Interest Evaluation Pathway # 2: 
Managing the Evaluation Process
Resources on this Pathway
Program Perspective Project Perspective
1 Managing Evaluations Process diagrams and quality control checkpoints
2 Evaluation Quality Standards Factors that contribute to evaluation quality
3 3 Evaluation Statement of Work (SOW) Outline; graphic on importance of balance between questions, time and funds
4 Evaluation SOW Outline Template Template for preparing a Statement of Work for a team or solicitation
5 5 Evaluation SOW Review Checklist Checklist for reviewing SOWs or sharing in advance with those who will write them
6 Evaluation Dissemination Plans Diagram aligns dissemination planning with critical stages in evaluation process
7 7 High Quality Evaluation Reports USAID "How To" guidance; options for structuring findings, conclusions and recommendations
8 8 USAID Evaluation Report Template Template for preparing an Evaluation Report for USAID
9 9 Evaluation Report Review Checklist Checklist for reviewing evaluation reports or sharing in advance with those who will write them
10   Monitoring Evaluation Quality Over Time Table illustrates how Missions can use checklists to track their SOW and evaluation quality over time