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Evaluation Pathway 5: Following Up on Evaluations

Utilization is what establishes the true value of an evaluation. USAID expects that the results of Performance Evaluations and Impact Evaluations it undertakes will be widely disseminated in partner countries, as well as sent to the DEC, and that the results of these evaluation will routinely inform Agency decision-making.

Learning from and acting on evaluations is called for in USAID's evaluation guidance. This pathway will provide you with tools for instituting action oriented evaluation reviews for every evaluation your operating unit completes, and structuring a follow-up process through which USAID can verify that agreed upon actions have been taken and observe what effect action on its post-evaluation decisions have had on the Agency and its partners development performance.

Pathway Steps of Interest Evaluation Pathway #5: 
Following Up on Evaluations
Resources on this Pathway
Program Perspective Project Perspective
1 1 Hold Post Evaluation Action Reviews Table illustrates recording of decisions consistent with ADS
2 2 Post-Evaluation Review Template Template for documenting a post-evaluation review meeting
3 3 Evaluation Action Follow-Up Template Template for documenting actions taken pursuant to post-evaluation decisions
4 4 Documenting Evaluation Use Examples of documented evaluation use and its impact on development effectiveness