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Evaluation Pathways

If your particular interest is evaluation, the pathways on this page offer you routes through the E3 M&E website that will help you quickly locate information and tools for planning, undertaking, and reviewing both performance and impact evaluations. 

Another evaluation pathway may help you support CDCS and project design teams that are trying to integrate plans for future evaluations into new designs. Missions that are interested in improving their post-evaluation follow-up on evaluations will also find a pathway through the website that focuses on this challenge.

Each of the five evaluation pathways on this page provides you with ideas and information that will help you improve evaluation practice in your Mission, and more specifically for your trade facilitation activities, projects and program. Each evaluation pathway includes a subset of the website pages selected for their relevance to the four evaluation topics listed on pathway buttons on the right. They are the same pages you reach when you use the Program Cycle menu. The difference is that here you reach material on aspects of evaluation practice that interest you quite quickly. Under the Program Cycle menu, the pages you find on these evaluation pathways are grouped according to the program cycle task they support.

Click on a pathway above to get started on the pathway of your choice.