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Learning Pathway 2: Planning for Active Learning in Programs and Projects

Learning processes are an essential element of USAID’s strategy for restructuring its portfolio to be more adaptive and relevant and to more effectively empower country partner efforts to achieve their development goals.

This pathway examines how USAID’s programming process is encouraging Missions to create a climate—and set aside time—for collaborative learning, both internally and with partners. This itinerary will enrich your understanding of USAID’s learning initiative and creative Mission responses. Resources on this itinerary include ideas and resource materials to help you establishing a learning culture wherever you may be working in USAID.

Pathway Steps of Interest Learning Itinerary #2: 
Planning for Active Learning in Programs/Projects
Resources on this Pathway
Program Perspective Project Perspective
1   CDCS Learning Approach USAID's Strategic Learning Plan and Project Cycle Learning Guide
  1 Project Learning Approach Action Research Learning Model and other resources