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Learning Pathway 3: Applying Knowledge Gains from MEL

To realize the vision set forth in USAID’s Program Cycle for continuous improvement across the development policy and programming horizon, gathering and reporting performance information will not be sufficient. Structural opportunities and incentives are needed to facilitate the assimilation of monitoring and evaluation findings, and to absorb the implications of conclusions and recommendations that may accompany these findings.

This pathway will enhance your understanding and ability to activate processes USAID developed to foster learning from MEL Results. Stops along this itinerary suggest how you can better utilize existing Agency procedures to foster learning in USAID’s busy, action-oriented environment.

Pathway Steps of Interest Learning Pathway #3:
Applying Knowledge Gains from MEL
Resources on this Pathway
Program Perspective Project Perspective
1 1 Learning from MEL to Improve Performance Discover Report on Learning in USAID/Washington and other resources
2 2 Reflect and Act on Monitoring Feedback Table of Illustrative Questions to Stimulate Learning and Action
3 3 Hold Post Evaluation Action Reviews Examples of Post Evaluation Review
4   Meta-Analyses, Evidence Summits and Systematic Reviews Describes methods USAID uses to synthesize evaluation results and suggests that Missions consider applying these techniques at the country and program level