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Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning Toolkit Pathways

The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Pathways are an alternative way of accessing information and tools in this website. They display and guide you to a range of resources on each on these three topics. Pathways in this section follow major themes within topics, such as the use of performance indicators in monitoring. For evaluation, separate pathways guide you to resources for Performance Evaluation and Impact Evaluation. Pathways in this section of the E3 kit help build a broad understanding of topics. In contrast, the Program Cycle menu is designed to help you as you focus task you need to complete within that cycle.


Performance monitoring provides feedback to USAID managers as well as ensuring USAID accountability for the resources entrusted to it. Follow these pathways to build skills with indicator selection and the use of monitoring data to spur continuous improvement on the ground in partner countries.


USAID’s Evaluation Policy has raised the bar for what constitutes a high quality evaluation. Follow these pathways to develop your skills in planning and managing high quality performance and impact evaluations and become a leader in improving the link between evidence and action.


Unless we learn effectively we continue to repeat our mistakes. Follow these pathways to join and contribute to USAID’s effort to infuse learning into USAID’s culture as well as its planning and management processes. Acquire the “know how” needed to build learning time and approaches into USAID programs and projects.