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Monitoring Pathway 2: Performance Baselines and Targets

Progress involves change. USAID descriptions of the progress its programs and projects have made are often phrased in terms improvements over a baseline or the distance already covered towards a defined target.

Baselines and targets are essentials points along a continuum of change, and are required for indicators USAID identifies in its CDCSs and project designs. Baselines are also critical for impact evaluations, where it is essential to know the pre-intervention status of people or areas that will and will not receive assistance in an effort to precisely understand the effects of an innovative approach for addressing a development problem. This itinerary will strengthen your ability to locate existing baselines and design baseline studies, establish realistic targets, and produce indicator tables needed for USAID PMPs and M&E Plans.

Pathway Steps of Interest Monitoring Pathway #2
Performance Baselines & Targets
Resources on this Pathway
Program Perspective Project Perspective
1 1 Including Existing Baselines Existing trade data series from various sources
2 2 Baseline Values USAID TIPS on Baselines and Targets
3   CDCS Performance Indicator and Baseline Template (Optional) Template for displaying indicator baselines in a CDCS
4 3 Performance Targets Example of a baselines and targets table including sex disaggregated targets
5   PMP Baselines and Targets Template Template for a PMP
  4 Project Baselines and Targets Template Template for a Project M&E Plan