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Monitoring Pathway 3: Monitoring Assumptions

USAID’s ability to achieve results depends not only on the strength of the cause and effect models it embeds in program level Results Frameworks and project level Logical Frameworks, but also on the validity of the assumptions made about factors that like beyond USAID’s control, though often are within its ability to influence. USAID guidance stresses the importance of monitoring these assumptions over the life of a program or project.

USAID ADS 203 calls for the inclusion of approaches Missions will use to monitor assumptions in both PMPs and project level M&E Plans. The E3 M&E website includes information as well as optional templates for complying with these requirements.

Pathway Steps of Interest Monitoring Pathway #3
Monitoring Assumptions
Resources on this Pathway
Program Perspective Project Perspective
1   Assumptions Assumptions at the program level
  1 LF Assumptions Assumptions in project designs
2 2 Monitoring Assumptions  
3   Assumptions Monitoring Template (Optional) Template operationalizing a guidance in ADS 203.3.2 and for the program level
  3 Project Assumptions Monitoring Template (Optional) Template to operationalize ADS at the project level