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Monitoring Pathway 4: Collecting, Reporting and Sharing Performance Data

Planning documents prescribe the indicators on which baselines and performance data are to be collected. Applying these prescriptions in developing countries is challenging under the best of circumstances, becoming increasingly difficult when conflict or natural disasters intervene.

This pathway will help you understand and how early attention to detailed indicator descriptions can make it easier for partners to train data collectors to reliably gather performance data in the exactly the same way at every site, and every time those processes are repeated. It can also help you structure project performance reporting processes for seamless integration with Mission performance data bases and to support performance information sharing with partners as well as USAID.

Pathway Steps of Interest Monitoring Pathway #4
Collecting/Reporting/Sharing Performance Data
Resources on this Pathway
Program Perspective Project Perspective
1 1 Collecting and Storing Performance Data Process description and diagram
  2 Reporting Project Performance  
  3 Project Performance Reporting Template Template for tracking information outlined in ADS
2 4 Inclusive Performance Reporting Utilization support links and diagrams