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Program Cycle

In the seamless world envisioned by USAID’s program cycle diagram, below, USAID staff and country partners will systematically transform the traditional aid assistance process into a collaborative venture in evidence-based development that accelerates progress and enhances development effectiveness across sectors and regions. The tools and other materials included in this kit are designed to help you become a more effective, and efficient, participant in that process.

Program Cycle Diagram

Want to learn more? Watch the USAID Program Cycle 101 Learning Lab video

What’s the best way to approach this site?

Any way that suits you! The program cycle is the primary organizing structure for the toolkit. You can follow the cycle sequentially from the development of a CDCS and associated Performance Management Plan (PMP), to Project Design and an associated Project M&E Plan, and from there to Implementing M&E Commitments and Learning from M&E to Improve Performance, or you can enter in the middle of the cycle if one element interests you more than others. The Program Cycle Road Map briefly introduces what lies behind each of these entry points. The Program Cycle menu item above provides you with direct access to all aspects of this path through the toolkit, or you can use the Sitemap to navigate. Alternatively, if your interest is primarily from a single M&E perspective, e.g., monitoring but not evaluation, you may find that the website’s M&E Pathways section is better suited to your needs.