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Summarizing a PMP Evaluation Plan

Missions may find two templates for summarizing information about planned evaluations useful for preparing a PMP. The PMP Evaluation Plan Summary Template described below focuses on evaluation designs and methods the Mission is considering for each evaluation it lists. The second is an PMP Evaluation Schedule Template. Two versions of this template are available, a multi-year version for a PMP, and an annual version for Mission use.

To streamline the presentation of information on the evaluations it describes in a PMP, a Mission may find it useful to use a PMP Evaluation Plan Summary table that organizes information on the various evaluation characteristics of evaluations the ADS calls for in a PMP. A sample of this type of PMP table is shown below, and the template for this table is available for your use. Modifications to how columns are used can be made to bring in additional information on each anticipated evaluation, i.e. in the evaluation type column, a forward slash can be used to indicate whether an evaluation is required as well as its type, e.g., impact/required, performance/elective. Similarly the evaluation timing column can also provide information on whether a given evaluation will be conducted internally or will be carried out by a team with an external Team Leader, e.g., mid-term/internal, final/external.

Evaluation Focus
(Whole project, project component or single intervention; special focus across projects, e.g. youth)
Project or Activity Start/End Dates (Month/Year) Main/Priority Evaluation Questions Evaluation Type and Projected Use
(Performance, Impact)
Evaluation Timing
(Mid-term, Final)
Anticipated Evaluation Start/ Completion (Report Delivery Month/Year) Evaluation Budget
Start  End Start  End 
Project Level: Firm/Sector Export Practices Improved 9/12 9/17
  • How well are local export advisors being received by firms, particularly those that received assistance from expatriate advisors in prior USAID projects?
  • Which aspects of the assistance package are most/least welcomed/used/valued and what modifications does that suggest.
Performance Mid-Project  3/14  9/14  $100,000
DO Level/Multi-Project: Trade Performance Improved 3/12 3/17
  • In which assisted sectors/products did exports increase at a nationally discernable level through Harmonized System codes matched to assisted exporter shipments?
  • What explains differences between highly successful and less successful export sector/product assistance?
Performance; inform planning for next CDCS Towards end of period 4/14   9/14  $200,000
Project Level: Single Intervention: Access to Customs Forms 6/12 6/16
  • Which of three methods for providing traders with information and access to new customs forms and guidance is most effective? Implemented through a parallel contract working along side the project team.
Impact; reach decisions about which method to continue to use and institutionalize in Customs Administration First two years of project  6/12  6/14  $85,000

A useful companion to the kind of substantive summary of evaluation plans shown above is a simple schedule of the Missions Planned evaluations over the CDCS period. Two evaluation scheduling templates are provided for Mission use in this section of the kit. The PMP Evaluation Schedule, Version 1 – Multi-Year displays planned evaluations over the CDCS period and might be Included in a PMP. This template can be adapted for use during a CDCS period to respond to USAID’s requirement for an annual inventory of evaluations to be completed during the coming year, and for a listing of evaluations completed during the preceding year. A sample of this evaluation schedule template is shown below. The PMP Evaluation Schedule, Version 2 – Single Year is a template for displaying, and managing, tasks that needed to be completed for evaluations carried out during a single fiscal year. This detailed scheduling template is intended for use at the Mission level.

Focus of Evaluation Type
(Performance or Impact)
Evaluation Timing FY
Project Level: Firm/sector export practices improved Performance Mid-Project     x    
DO level: Trade Performance Improved Performance End of CDCS period       x  
Project Level: Access to customs forms Impact First two years to learn what works   x x