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Trade in CDCS Strategies

Trade is central to the economic growth strategies of an increasing number of USAID bilateral partners and in its regional programs, as the map of maize trade flows from in West Africa, from USAID/Ghana’s CDCS illustrates.

Between 1999 and 2011, USAID invested $6.3 billion or $525 million per annum on average, with a return, calculated on the basis of a lagged multi-country regression, of $42 in exports for every dollar invested. USAID’s 2016 Policy on Trade Capacity Development encourages USAID efforts that foster and facilitate trade. Bilateral CDCSs explain how USAID approaches trade facilitation and expansion challenges in all parts of the world.

For Missions that include increased trade as an IR in their approved CDCSs, the Illustrative Hierarchy of Trade Results included in this section may provide an idea for elaborating sub-IRs and developing projects that will achieve a CDCS’s trade results.