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Trade Example: Getting to Answers

USAID/Pakistan’s 2008 evaluation of its Developing Non-Bankable Territories for Financial Services Project included a matrix of evaluation questions by methods as a report annex. Portions of that table are provided below to illustrate how data collection and analysis methods vary by the type of question included in an evaluation SOW. Slight differences in matrix forms are less important than the care taken in selection

Evaluation Questions Type of Answer/Evidence Needed Method of Data Collection Data Sources Selection Criteria Data Analysis Methods
1. How many loans have been disbursed in each quarter since Khushhali Bank started operations in the region? (by region and gender) Counts of loans by quarter Review of bank records Interviews with bank staff or request to bank staff   Describe the pattern of loan disbursements over the life of the project to date by region and gender
2. What are projections for loan disbursements in the future? (by quarter, region and gender Counts of loans by quarter Interview Interviews with bank staff or request to bank staff   Projections of future loan disbursements without USAID involvement by region and gender
3. How were the loans used and what impact did they have on household wellbeing? Descriptive Surveys Survey of loan recipients; interviews with bank staff or request (cash flow) Stratify sample to obtain sufficient responses from different regions and from women Estimate average household impact by region and gender
4. Have the loans generated any secondary impacts as a result of increased income? (by region) Aggregate increases in incomes by quarter and region Drawn from existing studies Existing multipliers, if available   Apply multipliers to estimate additional income or jobs created and income created