New Online Training: Introduction to Collaborating, Learning and Adapting in the Program Cycle

Mar 12, 2019 by Jen Romba Comments (0)

Woman standing in front of pathways

  • Are you looking to build your collaborating, learning and adapting skills?
  • Do you know how CLA relates to USAID’s Program Cycle?
  • Do you want to start integrating CLA practices into your work?

The Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning’s Office of Learning Evaluation and Research has developed a new training course to introduce the concepts of CLA more broadly to USAID and its partners. “Introduction to CLA in the Program Cycle” is a 1-hour, online course that introduces the CLA Framework, pathways for integrating CLA into your work, and tools and resources for CLA.

Through this course, participants will learn about holistic CLA approaches and resources to help improve development outcomes. While CLA may not be a new concept, helping staff and partners to adopt systematic, intentional, and resourced CLA practices will improve development outcomes to support countries on their journey to self reliance.

This interactive course is based on scenarios from the fictional country of East Tambou. Participants will make their way through the Program Cycle, making choices about how best to integrate CLA practices into various situations. Participants can choose how much time they spend exploring all of the resources, examples and context in the course, but most people will be able to complete it in one hour.

Are you ready to give it a try? The course is now available on USAID University (USAID Staff only) for Continuous Learning Points and USAID Learning Lab.