Thoughts and Reflections From the Global Health Knowledge Management Share Fair

Apr 23, 2013 by  Comments (0)

On April 16, I had the opportunity to attend the Global Health Knowledge Management Share Fair, hosted by the Global Health Knowledge Collaborative (GHKC). The aim of the Share Fair was to provide participants with an opportunity to share experiences, lessons learned, and acquire new skills and learning about knowledge management tools and techniques. One of the benefits about attending these types of events is having the opportunity to meet other knowledge management (KM) practitioners who share common challenges within their organizations around knowledge sharing and learning.  Realizing that most organizations face similar challenges around knowledge sharing can spur a sense of comradery in addressing these challenges.  

Throughout the Share Fair, various methods were used to encourage collaboration and dialogue among participants. Participatory methods such as World Cafe, Peer-Assists, breakout sessions, and scavenger hunts were used. One really creative approach that was used to bring attention to key points made throughout the day was graphic facilitation. Graphic facilitation is essentially using imagery to draw participants towards seeing interconnections and reaching their goal. It was really impressive to see how this form of facilitation can stir dialogue and spark ideas.  

One big takeaway for me was realizing the importance of story when it comes to knowledge management. With all the information we are bombarded with, it has become increasingly important for knowledge management professionals to become better storytellers. Taking segmented bits of data, information, and knowledge and finding interconnections has become essential. What do you feel are the big challenges when it comes to KM and what are some ways we can address them?