What are some best practices around tracking user activity on USAID funded knowledge management platforms?

Hi, our program is about career center and training for youth. We developped a website, where users can use training services with logging. How could we track unique user? we use Google Analytics. and, is their any USAID Guidelines or similar program with the same issue? Thanks in advance for your help Hanane


Dec 29, 2016
Hello Hanane,
General rules, security policies, mandates, and directives for USAID information systems can be found in ADS 545. During the security assessment for the site you will work with USAID to determine the type of data needed, how that will be recorded and accessed (system activity logs, database entries, Google Analytic tracking, etc.), and how it will be safeguarded. For information on the USAID privacy requirements you can email the USAID Privacy Office (privacy@usaid.gov), as well as refer to ADS 508.
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thank you for your message.

I think their is some misunderstanding:

My question was not about privacy and security for using the webseite, but about how to be able to count webseite unique users for the program results matrix. Is their any tools to count user without sing in, which are accepted from USAID side (like Google analytic)

Thanks in advance


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Mar 16, 2017

Hello Hanane,

Thank you for your follow up, and apologies for the delayed response. It is hard to know exactly what you are able to accomplish in terms of tracking users without understanding what platform you are using. That said, you are able to use Google Analytics for your site. Going back to the original response it is important to work with the USAID Privacy Team, as they can aid in determining the settings and tools available for your use. I hope this helps.

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